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Chinese volunteer views Sakhalin 2019 as Beijing 2022 preparation

Date : 07 Feb 2019

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation, February 7, 2019: Ma Wenjia came from China. Lucy, as she is called in Russia, is in Sakhalin as a volunteer from St. Petersburg, where she studies the ‘intellectual system’ at the University of Peter the Great.

She is one of 1,000 volunteers gathered from different areas of Sakhalin, other regions of Russia, and foreign countries – China, Korea and Mongolia – for the 1st Children of Asia Winter International Sports Games which gets underway with the Opening Ceremony on Saturday.

Lucy and the 1,000-strong group of volunteers were greeted and congratulated by the head of the region and head of the Games Directorate, Valery Limarenko, at the Camp of the Volunteers which was opened on Tuesday.

“Russia is my second home. I have lived here for four years and I wanted to dedicate myself to this beautiful country,” said Lucy, who, in addition to Mandarin, also speaks Russian and English fluently.

“These Children of Asia Games will be a good preparation for me before the Winter Olympics in China since this is my first international experience of volunteering. I really like Sakhalin. St. Petersburg is a big and bustling city, but it is quiet and comfortable here.

“I live in a dormitory of Sakhalin State University and the living conditions are very good where we have two people to a room. The staff are very kind people. On the first day we were very tired and wanted to eat outside but we were fed immediately with delicious food,” Lucy added.

Like Lucy, Pavel Bondarenko is also a volunteer. He has taken leave from work and come with his whole family, wife Elena and daughter Anastasia, so that they could all get a taste of being involved in these Games.

“We had a great experience in organising the athletics run, which takes place annually in Kholmsk, where we were coordinators. Last year, we worked together as volunteers at the finals of the Young Professionals National Championship. Now we decided to try helping at an international event,” said Bondarenko, who will be involved in the transport logistics during the Games. His wife and daughter will be engaged in food organisation.

Nearly 1,200 athletes from 20 countries will take part in the Games which includes eight winter sports.

Source: Children of Asia Winter Games



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