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Sakhalin region team gets a warm boost for Winter Games

Date : 04 Feb 2019

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russian Federation, February 4, 2019: The Sakhalin region team was presented with their athletes’ uniform equipment on Saturday. One of the seven teams that will represent the Russian Federation at the 1st Children of Asia Winter International Sports Games, the Sakhalin Region will be attired in a pleasant turquoise colour.

The uniform consists of a jacket, several pairs of pants, a fleece jacket, a t-shirt, a waistcoat, a hat, scarf and gloves. It is made of technological material that will keep the wearer warm and comfortable even at temperatures reaching -25 degrees Celsius.

“It is of great importance how our team will be presented at this competition. I wish you good luck,” said Egor Umnov, the Deputy Minister of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy for the Sakhalin Region.

Dmitriy Bozhok, an ice hockey player, said: “It is nice to get such a valuable gift. We did not expect to be supported."

Organisers also revealed that drawings and craft made by children from the city’s children’s drawing school supporting the Sakhalin Regional team had been made for the Games and will be displayed prominently at the ice palace ‘Crystal’ and ‘Arena City’. Children from kindergartens and children with disabilities had been involved in the project.

“We have been doing work in support of our team for two months and tried to reflect the best moments so that the pictures turned out to be fun and cheerful,” said Olesya Kolosova, a representative of the art school.

Source: Sakhalin 2019 Children of Asia Winter Games



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