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Naomi Kawase to direct official film of Tokyo 2020

Date : 24 Oct 2018

Tokyo, Japan, October 24, 2018: Award-winning filmmaker Naomi Kawase has been chosen to direct the official film of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the IOC has announced.

The highly acclaimed Japanese filmmaker will build on a legacy of more than 100 years of Olympic film, including documentaries for past Olympic Games held in Japan, and will be the fifth woman to direct an official Olympic film.

For each edition of the Olympic Games, the IOC, in close collaboration with the organising committee, reviews proposals from the host nation’s top filmmaking talent to direct the official film.

Kawase was chosen after close consultation among Tokyo 2020, Japanese film experts, international film experts and the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage which guides the production on behalf of the IOC.

The director of the official film must bring a unique editorial angle to the Olympic Games experience and aim to capture the soul of a specific edition of the Games while also considering the broader social and cultural context.

Kawase was chosen for the strength of her proposal which reflects a nuanced understanding of Japanese culture and Olympic values, as well as for her strong track record and outstanding international recognition.

Kawase said: “I now feel that the ‘god of film’ that came to me one day has given me the chance to record this wonderful celebration of sport that connects people and to leave a legacy for generations to come.

“I hope to capture ‘time’ and take full advantage of the appeal of documentary films and their ability to freeze those moments into ‘eternity’, allowing the significance of the Tokyo 2020 Games to be communicated worldwide.”

Source: www.olympic.org



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