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'B-Girl Ram' wins break dancing gold for Japan

Date : 09 Oct 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 9, 2018: Breaking made an impressive debut at the Youth Olympic Games with Japan’s Ramu Kawai becoming the first gold medal winner at the Parque Mujeres Argentinas.

Amid scenes that could have been mistaken for a wild block party, the best break dancers from around the world showed off their moves and B-Girl Ram (Ramu Kawai) went down in history as the first gold medallist after she defeated B-Girl Emma (Emma Misak of Canada) in the girls’ final.

“I’m just happy when I’m dancing. It’s a happy thing,” Ram, 17, said. “It gives you joy when the crowd is feeling the music, and you are feeling the music. There’s nothing better.”

B-Girl Yell (Yeri Kim of South Korea) won the bronze medal.

In the B-Boy event, 18-year-old B-Boy Bumblebee (Sergei Chernyshev of Russia) took gold, defeating B-Boy Martin (Martin Lejeune of France), 16, in the final. He had earlier battled his way past B-Boy Shigekix (Nakari Shigeyuki of Japan) in the semi-finals.

Despite missing out on gold, bronze medallist Shigekix was still upbeat. “I really enjoyed myself out there. It’s pure enjoyment. My inspiration always comes from the music that we listen to when we battle. Of course, I have a lot of moves, skills and techniques, but when I’m on stage I’m guided by the music.”

The Japanese dancer hoped breaking would become an Olympic sport. He said: “Breaking has two elements, sports and arts. We need the stamina of athletes but we also need to be artists and express our feelings. It is great to give joy to the people who are watching.”



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