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Sport ‘builds up national pride and power’, says DPR Korea NOC

Date : 30 Apr 2018

Pyongyang, DPR Korea, April 30, 2018: The Olympic Council of Asia and DPR Korea Olympic Committee held a joint press conference in Pyongyang on Monday morning to promote the 18th Asian Games Fun Run to be held on Tuesday, May 1.

The press conference took place outside the weightlifting hall of the sports village on Chongchun Street – which will be the start and finish point for the 5km run – and attracted around a dozen local and international media and TV.

“I am happy to meet you all here and talk about the 18th Asian Games Official Fun Run,” the Secretary General of DPR Korea Olympic Committee, Mr Ko Chol Ho, told the media in his introductory address. “Thank you for your attendance at this press conference and for showing such interest in this project.”

Mr Ko said the preparations of the DPR Korea team for the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia this August were going well, and that the DPRK NOC had attached the highest significance to the continental multi-sports event.

“Sports and physical culture are important in terms of building up the national power and raising the national pride and self-confidence, as well as for bringing up the people into more powerful social beings both mentally and physically so that they can make further contributions to the social development,” added Mr Ko.

“The Fun Run is about raising social awareness of the Asian Games and getting the youth students and working people into sports activities.” Mr Ko said the Fun Run also had “competitive characteristics” as the 200 runners will include athletes who have claimed championships in previous international sports events.

“So far, many sportsmen and citizens have requested registration in this event, and the Olympic Council of Asia welcomes this Fun Run and has sent an official delegation here,” he concluded. On behalf of the OCA, Media Manager Zhou Jian told the press that the OCA had started the Fun Run initiative to promote the Asian Games for the first time for Doha 2006, and now it was an established tradition.

“We conducted 28 Fun Runs in cooperation with the NOCs for the Incheon Asian Games in 2014, and this time we are having 33,” he said. “Our Fun Run here in Pyongyang on May 1 will be our 16th, so we are at the halfway point of the series and this is very significant for the OCA.”

He added that the 18th Asian Games – to be held in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, from August 18 to September 2 – would involve 40 sports and
463 events.

“This will be an historic occasion for the OCA because it will be the first time we will have co-host cities for the Asian Games. We are expecting 10,000 athletes and 5,000 team officials from the 45 NOCs, plus 5,000 media,” he said. “The OCA would like to thank the DPR Korea Olympic Committee for hosting this Fun Run and for all the cooperation, assistance and organisation with the OCA.” The Fun Run Opening Ceremony will be held at 9.30am on Tuesday, May 1 – a national holiday in DPRK.



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