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Korea’s silver medal in four-man bobsleigh was a first for Asia.

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Korea adds silver medals in curling and bobsleigh on last day of PyeongChang 2018

Date : 26 Feb 2018

Gangneung, Korea, February 25, 2018: The experienced Sweden dashed Korea’s hopes of a gold medal in women’s curling with an 8-3 victory at the Gangneung Curling Centre on Sunday – the last day of PyeongChang 2018. Having captivated the nation with their rise from underdogs to top dogs, the Korean team – all with the family name Kim and nicknamed the “Garlic Girls” because they come from the same town that is famous for growing garlic – ended the 10-team tournament with a silver medal. 

The Koreans took a 1-0 lead in the first end but Sweden swept ahead 4-1 at the mid-point of the match with two points in the third end and one each in the fourth and fifth. The home team, led by skip/captain Kim Eun-jong, pulled one back in the sixth end to trail 5-2, but the seventh end saw Sweden pick up three points to lead 7-2 and then close out the game 8-3 in the ninth..

“We had a chance to beat Sweden in the final today but, as we all know, Sweden is a great curling team,” said Kim. “At the beginning of the game, whatever we did, shot by shot, they tried to protect it. Today’s game, they owned it. Sweden was perfect today.” It was Sweden’s third gold medal in women’s curling – a record for any NOC.

*Japan won the women’s curling bronze medal with a nail-biting 5-3 victory over Great Britain on Saturday night. It was Japan’s first Olympic medal in curling. Japan skip Satsuki Fujisawa said: “I can’t believe that we got the medal. I am proud that we became the first Olympic medallists in curling history in Japan.”


Korea finished their own Winter Olympics with a flourish by adding yet another silver medal on Sunday, this time in the four-man bobsleigh at the Olympic Sliding Centre. The Koreans, under the pilot, Won Yun-jong, and Germany (Nico Walther) both won a silver medal after recording exactly the same time behind the other German bob led by Francesco Friedrich, who won gold. No bronze medals were awarded.

Friedrich’s team won with a combined time of 3:15.85 for the four runs, followed by Walther’s German team and the Koreans on 3:16.38, +53 seconds. Won said months of tests and thorough preparations had produced the right results for the Winter Olympics, and said the silver medal was a true team success.

“During the race there are the athletes, but there were so many people behind us,” he said. “We have our team and a lot of sponsors; everyone worked as a team so that could get this result.”



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