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Athletes join in the fun - and learn all about anti-doping - at the WADA Outreach programme in the Main Dining Hall.

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Ashgabat 2017 athletes learn all about anti-doping – at fun-filled Outreach kiosk

Date : 23 Sep 2017

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, September 23, 2017: One of the priorities of the Olympic Council of Asia at a multi-sport event is to increase the awareness of anti-doping. The 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games is no exception, and the anti-doping stakeholders have set up an attractive kiosk inside the Main Dining Hall at the Athletes’ Village.

The Outreach programme includes computer games, pamphlets, pens, T-shirts and stickers to attract the young athletes and educate them on the dangers of doping – and how a mistake can be made without the relevant information.

Matluba Turekulova, from the Outreach programme, says: “For many of the young athletes here this is their first exposure to anti-doping. Many of them have never been tested because they are so young and this is their first international event, so they need to know what it is all about.

“Through our programme we want to offer a fun experience in which they can take part in a game with their friends, win prizes and learn all about the work of the anti-doping community.” Their kiosk was packed with athletes from Iran, China and Turkmenistan on Saturday morning even as the promotional banners were being set up.

“Yesterday we opened at 11 in the morning and athletes were still here at 11 at night,” adds Matluba. “We have run out of leaflets in English but still have them in Russian and Turkmen. “We have other publications in several languages. Altogether we offer information in around 30 languages. The athletes are very interested in what we are doing and are eager to learn.”

The stakeholders include the OCA, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO) of Central Asia, the Asia Anti-Doping Foundation and the Kazakhstan National Anti-Doping Organisation (KAZNADO).



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