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Annie Lai On Nei at the Olympic Park in Seoul

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Macau Young Reporter looks back on Incheon AIMAG

Date : 06 Jul 2013

Incheon, Korea: One day left. It is almost the end of this learning trip in Korea. From the welcome dinner to the closing ceremony. There are too many things I have to tell. So I chose some unforgettable and best memories to share with you. First, the most impressive moment: taking a group photo with the whole of the OCA. When I was standing there ready for the photo, I felt like I was a part of a large family. And I know I should work harder to finish this important job as a representative of the OCA Youth Reporter Project.

The biggest problem, languages. It is convenient that we can order a car to go anywhere. But the only problem is we should guess what the driver is saying, and the driver also has to guess what we are saying when the driver cannot speak English. Therefore, I am going to learn Korean in the following months for the 2014 Asian Games.

The unforgettable day, flags were dancing in the air. We had a day for sightseeing and shopping in Seoul. And we got the chance to have a look at the Olympic Park. When I saw the sacred fire is still burning since 1988, I was so surprised. It really shows us the meaning of the Olympic spirit and that nothing is impossible.

The most surprising scene, the OCA President took a photo with me. I thought that people who are powerful are difficult to connect with or make contact with, but the OCA President absolutely changed my opinion! He is nice to everyone, keeps smiling and even telling jokes. When he walked towards me and was taking a photo with me, I could not believe it. Is this really happening? He is actually a very friendly and amiable President.

The most nervous feeling, KBS's interview. It was really stressful when I heard that one of the most popular TV channels, KBS, was going to interview my fellow Youth Reporter Jonathan and me. Actually, I was so nervous at that time. It was a feeling I could not show in my emotions. Unfortunately, I could not answer the KBS questions fluently. But, next year, believe in me, I will be different.

By Annie Lai On Nei,
OCA Young Reporter, Macau, China



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