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Date : 05 Jul 2013

Incheon, Korea: It is Friday, July 5. Most of the sports events are over. However, today I met up with Mohammad Reza Hassan, one of the snooker players representing Malaysia at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Incheon. We had a lively chat over lunch at the games cafeteria in the Athletes' Village.

We talked about the games in general. When asked about the overall experience at the Athletes' Village, he said that the food served at the cafeteria was good, but commented that it would be better if there was more variety at the halal section. Reza was also pleased that the athletes were given single room accommodation.

We also talked about his career. When asked about his practice sessions, Reza replied that he practised snooker daily at his club in Kuala Lumpur. Reza said: "The standard here in Incheon is quite high because there are some professional players from India, China and Thailand. It has been tough for us as we have not been able to participate in competitions overseas for the past three years due to some circumstances."

Reza continued by saying: "It's very difficult for us as we are playing with more experienced players who are playing at the top level. But overall I think we played quite okay and we are happy with our performance."

Reza's highest break ever in a tournament was 139. Reza said that he would return to the next Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games at Turkmenistan in 2017 and was confident of obtaining better results in his event.

The whole experience of coming to the AIMAG was Reza's favourite memory, as this was his debut at a multi-sports event. His favourite part of his experience was his win over Syria's Fatima Karam as it was his first game.

He would also like to see more sports being included in the future Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. He hoped that snooker would be included in the Olympic Games one day. "That's what every snooker player hopes for!"

By Jonathan Raj,
OCA Young Reporter, Malaysia



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