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Japanese snooker player Takao Kurimoto

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The honour of competing in the 4th AIMAG

Date : 06 Jul 2013

Incheon, Korea: With its wide portfolio of multi-sport games, the Olympic Council of Asia is keen for as many young athletes as possible from around the continent to represent their country or region in their chosen sport. This goal has been fulfilled here at the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which ends on Saturday after 100 gold medals have been distributed in nine sports and 12 disciplines.

One of those disciplines is snooker, and Japan’s Takao Kurimoto eloquently sums up the feelings of his teammates and his fellow competitors.

“This is my first time in the Indoor and Martial Arts Games and it has been a good experience,” said Takao, 37, from Yokohama.

“I have entered many snooker tournament s in the past but this is quite unique for me because there are many other sports here like Futsal, Go and Chess. There are many interesting games in this competition so I have enjoyed it a lot.

“The best experience for me has been to represent Japan for snooker players and for the people in Japan, so this is an honourable thing to come here to play snooker.”

Takao said the organization of the AIMAG was “perfect”, from the accommodation to the food, the transport and the competition venue.

“I do not think there has been any big problems,” he added.

The 4th AIMAG has also been a great experience for Vietnam’s Van Ngoc Tu, and not only because she won gold in the women’s 52kg Kurash competition – a martial art hailing from Uzbekistan.

“I won the gold medal in the 3rd Indoor Games in Hanoi in 2009 and this is my second,” she said. “I have enjoyed it very much.”

Her best memory? “For me, I think one person in one room,” she replies. “This is the first time I have had a room on my own because usually in the hotel it is two or three people sharing one room.”

Van Ngoc Tu, 26, is from Soc Trang City near Ho Chi Minh City and trains at Hanoi.



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