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From left OCM Hon. Treasurer Yong Choo Kong, Chew Hoe Sheng and Jonathan Raj

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E-Sports - The Game of Today

Date : 02 Jul 2013

Incheon, Korea: Picture this, two players in a dark arena, visibly playing with their controllers, eyes fixed on their monitors. Above them, you see a larger than life LED screen. On that screen you see an exciting football game going on. Yes, that is FIFA! FIFA 13 is one of the games which is included in E-Sports at the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. 

I was at Court 3 at the Samsan World Gymnasium to cheer on the  Malaysian player, Chew Hoe Sheng. He was vying for the bronze medal against Khoie Seyed Davoud from Iran. 28 year old Chew graciously chattered with me for a while after winning the bronze medal match.  I found Chew to be a very friendly and humble person. He told me that he has been playing FIFA since he was in secondary school and he also enjoys playing futsal. Chew also represented Malaysia at the 2012 World Cyber Games.

Chew played a fast-paced game with Real Madrid as his team against Khoie's team Brazil. I observed the dexterity of Chew's stickwork which was fast and accurate. Thus, he managed to perform the skills spot-on.

The spectators at the e-sport were also very supportive and enthusiastic throughout the game. Every time a player scored a goal, they cheered and clapped loudly. They even came in with banners and flags of the country they supported. This made the whole atmosphere very enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the e-sports competition and am glad that it is included in the AIMAG. It is a game of speed, concentration and accuracy. It requires much practice to become a winner as in any other sport. E-sports is also the craze among teenagers and adults alike. I am sure that this sport will get more support in the near future. It is truly a game of the 21st century.

By Jonathan Raj,
OCA Young Reporter, Malaysia



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