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20 Dec 2006
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Duration: 06:19

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Doha 2006
  15th Asian Indoor Games Fulfilling our destiny

Presenting the ultimate Asian Power in the unity of sport and the power of the sport spirit in Asia

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Doha 2006
15th Asian Indoor Games Fulfilling our destiny ...
Doha 2006
The 15th Asian Games in Doha, Qatar was a great achievement...
Doha 2006
The power of inspiration...
Doha 2006
The time has arrived...
Doha 2006
Doha Architectural innovations...
Doha 2006
Diverse culture of Doha...
Doha 2006
One goal...
Doha 2006
Aspiring to greater heights with Aspire...
Doha 2006
The City of diverse culture...
Doha 2006
Yes you can...
Doha 2006
The stage is set...
Doha 2006
Torch arrival at the 2006 Asian Games Doha...
Doha 2006
Volunteers of the Asian Games...
Doha 2006
Setting the stage for the Future...
Doha 2006
Our evolution and History...

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