Summer Olympic Games
The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad are an international multi-sport event, occurring every four years, organized by the International Olympic Committee. Medals are awarded in each event, with gold medals for first place, silver for second and bronze for third, a tradition that started in 1904.

The olympics have increased from a 42-event competition with fewer than 250 male athletes to a 300-event sporting celebration with over 10,000 competitors from 205 nations.

The Winter Olympics were also created due to the success of the summer Olympics.
Tokyo, Japan, February 1, 2017: Tokyo 2020 has invited the Japanese population to give to the organising committee their discarded or obsolete electronic devices in order to use the metal in the production of the medals that will be aw...

Texas, USA, January 4, 2017: The golden swim of Singapore hero Joseph Schooling at the Rio Olympic Games has been rated the fourth best performance of the year by the influential Swim Swam Magazine based in Austin, ...

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