Vietnam 2009
The 3rd Asian Indoor Games (AIG) held for the first time in Vietnam in the fall of 2009. This is a great sporting event, held exclusively by Asian countries for those sports that have not yet to get a chance to join continental and world arenas.

The 3rd Asian Indoor Games held under the direct leadership of the Government with the participation of key sectors and mayors of Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minn City, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh.

The 3rd Asian Indoor Games is expected to have 23 sports: indoor athletics, Pencak Silat, 25m -swimming, 50m- fin swimming, Dance Sport, sepak takraw, chess and Chiness, billiards & snooker, Sport Aerobics, futsal, Bowling, Muay, vovinam, indoor petanque, indoor archery,kurash, kabadi, 3 on 3 basketball, woment defence ( women boxing and wushu) and 1 demonstration sport: Jujitsu.

The AIG is an indoor sporting event held every two years and has become a playground well known in the continent and the world. Vietnam's success in hosting the 22nd SEA Games, the APEC Summit, the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM Summit) and many other international activities has left positive impressions on friends around the world, in general, and in Asia, in particular.

It is a vision of a Vietnam of peace, friendliness and hospitality with sports lovers. Welcome to our country in 2009, a beautiful country on the East Sea, to participate in the biggest indoor sporting event of the continent, the Asian Indoor Games 2009 to be held in Hanoi, a city of peace and some other cities and province.

Opening Ceremony:
My Dinh National Stadium - Ha Noi
Closing Ceremony:
Quan Ngua Sports Palace - Ha Noi
3rd Asian Indoor Games  Vietnam 2009
Opening Ceremony 30 Oct 2009
Closing Ceremony 08 Nov 2009
Host City Vietnam
Country Vietnam
Nations Participating 43
Athletes 2396
Events 242
Sports 15
Sports/Disciplines 28
DM 1
Sports / Disciplines
Chess CH
Xiangqi CXI
Bowling BW
Dance Sports DS
Electronic Sports ES
Muay MY
Swimming ASW
Archery AR
Boxing BX
Kabaddi KA
Basketball 3X3 B33
Athletics AT
Dragon & Lion Dance DL
Billiards Sports BS
Pencak Silat PS
Petanque PQ
Shuttle Cock SC
Kickboxing KB
Ju-Jitsu JJ
Kurash KU
Vovinam VV
Futsal FFL
Hoop Sepaktakraw SHS
Aerobic GAE
Finswimming FS
Belt Wrestling WBR
Taolu WUT
Sanshou WUS
From the paso doble to the pole vault, and from the backstroke to boxing, China continued its domination of the Asian Indoor Games at the third edition in Vietnam. At the clos...

Vietnam surprised even themselves by finishing second in the final medals table with 42 gold -- only six behind Asian sporting super power China. Coming into the third AIG, Vi...

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Emblem, Vietnam 2009
The logo is the logical, scientific and proper combination of the features, bo
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Mascot, Vietnam 2009
The mascot of the 3rd Asian Indoor Games is the Ho chicken, a distinctly Vietn

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