Rangoon 1969
The were held in Rangoon, Burma from 6 December - 13 December 1969. Vietnam had reluctantly declined to host this edition because of the Vietnam War.

Singapore, the youngest member of the SEAP Games Federation at the time, suggested in this edition of the games to change the name of the sports festival to the South-East Asia Games. Although it was not officially stated, the inclusion of the Philippines and Indonesia in the expanded federation was to greatly help alleviate the hosting problems, as well as to set higher and more competitive standards in the games.

After hosting the 5th edition, Burma declined hosting succeeding games due to lack of financial capability. Ceremony venue Bogyoke Aung San Stadium.
5th South East Asian Games  Rangoon 1969
Opening Ceremony 06 Dec 1969
Closing Ceremony 13 Dec 1969
Host City Rangoon
Country Burma
Nations Participating 6
Sports 15
Sports/Disciplines 15
Sports / Disciplines
Badminton BD
Basketball BK
Boxing BX
Football FB
Judo JU
Sailing SA
Shooting SH
Table Tennis TT
Tennis TE
Volleyball VB
Weightlifting WL
Aquatics AQ
Athletics AT
Cycling CY
Gymnastics GY
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