Seoul 1986
The 10th Asian Games were held from September 20, 1986 to October 5, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea.

The venues and facilities of the 10th Asiad were the same venues and facilities used in the 1988 Summer Olympics because this was considered a test event.

A total number of 4,839 athletes, coming from 27 countries, were competing in 25 events.

Debuting sports were judo, taekwondo, women's cycling and women's Shooting. 83 Asian records and three world records were broken, while two world records were equalled in the Seoul Asiad.

Hammer thrower Shigenobu Murofushi from Japan won the Asian Games gold for the fifth successive time (1970–1986). But the star of the 1986 Asian Games was the Payyoli Express – P. T. Usha. She won four gold medals (and one silver), becoming the biggest winner of athletics gold medals in the Seoul Asiad. The Seoul Asiad marked the coming of age of South Korean sports.

They came second in the Seoul Asiad in the medal tally, displacing Japan. From the 1986 Asiad onwards, China and South Korea would always finish one and two in the overall medal count (except the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima). All socialist countries including North Korea except Mainland China boycotted the game due to political conditions.

A spy detonated a bomb behind a vending machine in Kimpo Airport and killed 5 people, including a technician, just few days before the game started Officially opened by President Chun Doo-hwan Stadium Olympic Stadium
10th Asian Games  Seoul 1986
Opening Ceremony 20 Sep 1986
Closing Ceremony 05 Oct 1986
Host City Seoul
Country Korea
Nations Participating 22
Athletes 4839
Events 270
Sports 25
Sports/Disciplines 26
Sports / Disciplines
Bowling BW
Diving ADV
Archery AR
Badminton BD
Basketball BK
Boxing BX
Fencing FE
Football FB
Golf GO
Handball HB
Hockey HO
Judo JU
Sailing SA
Shooting SH
Table Tennis TT
Taekwondo TK
Tennis TE
Volleyball VB
Weightlifting WL
Athletics AT
Canoe / Kayak CK
Cycling CY
Equestrian EQ
Gymnastics GY
Wrestling WR
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Emblem, Seoul 1986

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Mascot, Seoul 1986

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Medals, Seoul 1986
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