Asian Games Organising Committees (AGOCs)
The organisation of the Asian Games is entrusted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the host country and to the host city itself. The NOC forms, for that purpose, an Asian Games Organising Committee (AGOC) which, from the time it is constituted, communicates directly with the OCA, from which it receives instructions.

The AGOC executive body includes: the OCA member or members in the country; the President and Secretary General of the NOC; and at least one member representing and designated by the host city.

In addition, it generally includes representatives of the public authorities and other leading figures. From the time of its constitution to the end of its liquidation, the AGOC must comply with the Olympic Charter, the contract entered into between the OCA, the National Olympic Committee and the host city (Host City Contract) and the instructions of the OCA Executive Board. Nowadays, these Organising Committees have turned into enormous administrative entities employing hundreds of people.

The Organising Committee starts its work with a period of planning followed by a period of organisation which culminates in the implementation or operational phase of the Games.